Manageable Network Services

We offer contents comprising also the remote connection services together with installation, configuration, monitoring, management and maintenance services in our entire project lifecycle. ​

Turkcell Superonline Manageable Network Services are offered in the content comprising also the security services and remote connection services that may be provided along the entire project lifecycle together with hardware installation, configuration, monitoring, management and maintenance services for customers. On the other hand, Turkcell Superonline provides also the project management, consultancy and technical support services of network management services by means of the specific design service it employs.

Our service portfolio comprises the following services:

Consultancy Services
With its strong telecom know-how and experience, Turkcell Superonline offers network solutions consultancy, A-to-Z technical design consultancy and project management consultancy in a very large extent.

After-Sale Support Services
Monitoring: Turkcell Superonline actively carries on the monitoring the lines it offers to its customers on a 7/24 basis and follow up of outage periods.
Problem Management: When any problem occurs on the network, Turkcell Superonline determines the root causes of the event in a swift way and takes the necessary actions very fast for the problem to be solved using the escalation mechanisms with 1st, 2nd and 3rd level professional support teams.
Reporting: Service accessibility reports are shared with customers on a periodical basis.
Onsite Support Services: The necessary intervention is performed by our expert field engineers onsite and swift intervention is ensured in all problems that cannot be solved remotely.
Equipment Support Services: Within the scope of specific contracts concluded with manufacturers, support processes are operated for faulty equipment and equipment is replaced by sending the new one in the swift manner when required.
Service Level Agreements: In installation and support processes, SLA-service level undertakings that may differentiate based on customer needs may be defined.