Local Network Access, Hosting and Data Center Services

We offer national and international operators intending to operate in Turkey with local network access, hosting and data center services.

Turkcell Superonline offers national and international operators intending to operate in Turkey with local network access, hosting and data center services. Its technologic data centers operate in Gebze, Temelli, İzmir and Europe.
Our service product catalog comprises the following services:

POP Hosting
Turkcell Superonline hosts the POPs of international wholesale operators with its fully redundant and secure infrastructure. With high Service Level Agreements (SLAs), it provides IP transit, capacity and MPLS services.

Virtual POP
In cases were physical POP is not an option for an operator, Turkcell Superonline is able to provide the operator with virtual POP service as well and offers it with top level options within technical and financial extent by reserving the necessary resources over its own infrastructure.

Server Hosting
Turkcell Superonline hosts your equipment at its own data centers by reducing the energy costs without the need for you to make any additional investment and expenditure with its Server Hosting service. Compatible with national and international standards, Turkcell Superonline data centers provide high speed and secure access to servers hosting critical applications with its strong infrastructure. Furthermore, it supports the business continuity by monitoring the servers and reporting thereon on a continual basis.

Data Center MPLS VPN
Data Center MPLS VPN offers MPLS services one point of which is ended at Turkcell Superonline data centers within the framework of the hosting service received by customers from the data center.

Data Center In-Building Connection  
Data Center In-Building Connection allows for interconnections between Turkcell Superonline and operators within the data center.

Turkcell Data Center Access
Turkcell Data Center Access allows for connections to Turkcell network, internet and interconnections between operators within the data center.

Local Network Access
Local Network Access is a structure allowing wholesale operators to be able to expand their own services using the infrastructure of an operator with which they cooperate. Turkcell Superonline is able to offer local network access services with cost advantage suitable for competition with benefits offered by NNI structure.

By means of these services, you may:
  • Host your POPs at high standard and secure Turkcell Superonline data centers;
  • Receive high standard services for data security and operational accessibility;
  • Increase your profitability by optimizing your costs;
  • Obtain easy and swift access to network and internet services; and
  • Receive 7/24 active technical support service in data center operations.