IP Services

We offer our customers with high-quality and low-delay internet service by means of Turkcell Internet service we offer at Turkey Data Centers together with Global Tier-1 IP providers. ​

Turkcell Superonline Wholesale IP Services contain all IP transit and data connection services over our national IP backbone.

IP Transit
Turkcell Superonline is directly interconnected with major Tier-1 internet service providers and content owners in the world at our data centers in Turkey and is in the position accessible to the region’s countries (Turkey, Europe, the Middle East, the Far East, Caucasus and the Turkic Republics) over its own fully redundant fiber infrastructure. The IP transit service of Turkcell Superonline (Turkcell Internet) is at the accessible level with minimum delay and high performance to global networks over internet and is able to offer the following capabilities:

  • Symmetric internet service at speeds up to N x 100G
  • Guaranteed service performance with extensive Service Level Agreements (SLAs)
  • Optimum performance guarantee and ability to access to the extremum points
  • Ability to manage the top quality internet connection over a single AS-Autonomous system
  • Infrastructure compatible with point to point IP MPLS and ME services
  • IPv6-IPv4 options
It provides Metro Ethernet Internet and Data Center Internet services to its customers by means of this service.
Turkcell Superonline MPLS VPN is able to support the quality demands of customer with connection and different speed options while at the same time offering customers with flexibility at maximum level in order to be able to offer the customer with any kinds of tailor-made solutions and meet the special requests of the customer.

Turkcell Superonline MPLS VPN service offers the following features:
  • Speed options that may be shaped based on need and different service classes for tailor-made solutions
  • High secure, protected, closed network infrastructure and inter-communication infrastructure of locations of customers
  • Extensive SLA service levels guaranteed with service level agreements
  • Multiple connection opportunity over a single line
  • Local and international MPLS NNI opportunity
  • Wide geographical coverage
  • Installation, commissioning and determination of equipment based on customer need