International Roaming

​You may find below the general information on the scope of international roaming service of Turkcell Roaming, Wholesale Voice and Interconnection Management Directorate.

International Roaming allows mobile subscribers to continue to use the mobile telecom services when travelling from their home countries to abroad. Mobile subscribers may initiate and receive voice call, send and receive SMS and surfing the web by connecting to the mobile network of the operator of the country in which they are found.

In order for its subscribers to be in uninterrupted communication everywhere they travel and all overseas operators’ subscribers to be able to benefit from Turkcell’s service quality, Turkcell aims at reaching the best international network coverage.

In line with this aim, Turkcell has reciprocal roaming relationships with 818 operators at 219 different destinations. With the affordable cost structure ensured by commercial agreements, our company provides the offer ‘Your Tariff is valid abroad’ to its subscribers in 114 countries.