Health & Safety Policy

We are working to be safe, healthy and protect our well-being.

At the core of our Turkcell values and HR practices, human capital is the value for our employees. Health, safety and wellbeing of Turkcell employees is an integral part of our strategic goals of growth, profitability and creating new opportunities. As a leader in the field of communication and technology, Turkcell follows up on the legal obligations of its employees regarding health and safety, also regularly checks compliance.
By demonstrating a proactive approach to occupational health and safety, it identifies the risks beforehand and ensures that the Turkcell Ecosystem works happily, healthy and safely by carrying out preventive activities with a view to continuous improvement.
Turkcell also provides guidance on health and safety issues through its trainings to its employees and encourages employee participation to maintain constant communication with each other and managers in terms of safety culture.