Turkey’s Money-Box for Van

​In the aftermath of two destructive earthquakes in Van on October 23rd and November 9th, 2011, a nationwide aid effort ensued in Turkey.

In the aftermath of two destructive earthquakes in Van on October 23rd and November 9th, 2011, a nationwide aid effort ensued in Turkey.

Moments after the devastating earthquake, the Turkcell family united as a whole to do their part for Van. We mobilized our technology, base station and communication infrastructure to save lives. We did everything in our power to ensure that our subscribers in the affected regions would not be cut off from the world. Once again, Turkcell provided the communication link to save souls and help Van hang on to life.

Turkcell Volunteers coordinated the support of all Turkcell members shortly after the disaster and brought 6 truckloads of emergency supplies to Van themselves, distributing it to the people in need.

While making every effort to help, we kept thinking about what more we could do. The result was Turkey’s Money-Box – the culmination of our minds, our hearts, and our love of our people.

To make the sun rise over Van again

Turkcell set up an initiative to rebuild hope in the devastated city. Under the auspices of the Ministry of Education and in association with the Turkish Education Foundation (TEV), the first step was taken for the Money-Box project.
Turkcell made an initial contribution of TL 5 million to the Money-Box, which was followed by an avalanche of text-message support from all across Turkey and North Cyprus. Corporations, organizations and philanthropists donated homes. The leading celebrities of the country campaigned to collect donations for the project. As part of the initiative, a Teacher Campus and a Student Housing Facility were built in Van, and 100 students of Industrial Vocational Schools were extended scholarships.

Meanwhile, the balance of the Money-Box reached TL 9.5 million. The inflow of donations from individuals and corporations enabled more homes to be built for teachers.

The modular Teacher Campus was initially designed to house 100 teachers, but the amount of donations meant that the project could be extended to house 192 teachers. The campus is now a vibrant hub of activity with 2-bedroom steel construction apartments on an area of 10.000 square meters. Communication systems are provided by Turkcell Superonline.

In the beginning of the academic year, 132 students settled in a youth-friendly steel construction facility having an area of 1500 square meters for safe and secure housing.

To deal with the issue of rising unemployment in the aftermath of the disaster, Turkcell established a call center in the Erciş township of Van. The call center was designed to employ 100 people, and half the employees of the call center are persons with disabilities.

Turkey’s Money-Box for Van received the UN Special Award

As an exemplary case of public-private-nongovernmental partnership and a participatory, transparent and accountable business model, the “Turkey’s Money-Box for Van” project won the UN Special Award of the IPRA Golden World Awards 2012.

Turkcell and United Nations Become Technology Partners

Turkey’s leading communications and technology company Turkcell has been named as UNDP’s technology partner due to its unique network and innovative applications at the “Innovation and Resilience in Corporate Response to Disaster” event held at the UN Headquarters in New York. Turkcell, due to its network initiatives, differentiation through its innovative technology applications, and its employees’ dedicated efforts during the critical hours following the 2011 earthquake in Van, a city in Eastern Turkey, has been presented globally as a model project. Additionally, the transparent “Turkey’s Money-Box” SMS campaign initiated by Turkcell with the support of the Ministry of Education (MEB), and in partnership with the Turkish Education Foundation (TEV), has been evaluated as an “exemplary case” during the Panel.
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