Our Subsidiaries

Turkcell continues its communication activities with its domestic and foreign subsidiaries in a wide geographical area.​

Having commenced operations as a mobile operator in February 2005 in Ukraine, lifecell has a population coverage rate of 99% and a geographical coverage rate of 95%. A wholly-owned subsidiary of Turkcell, lifecell has 8 million three-month active subscribers and 11 million registered subscribers as of the end of 2017. 53% of registered subscribers actively use mobile internet services.
lifecell stands out for its mobile internet services on the back of 3G speed, and is a leader by smartphone penetration. Its revenue in TRY terms increased by 16.5% to TRY 664.7 million at the end of 2017.
The Company continues to offer unique digital products, and leads the development of the telecommunication market in its home country. lifecell initiated many new applications in Ukraine in 2017. These include cloud storage application “lifebox”, music application “fizy”, online magazine application “lifecell Magazines”, sports application “LifeSport” and the first free application packages (video, social networks and digital communication). All of these products are also offered to the users of other operators.
In line with the need for payment services without cards and cash in the Ukrainian market, lifecell launched an online money transfer service through the oplata.lifecell.ua portal. Paycell LLC was established in August 2017 as a subsidiary of lifecell LLC to serve as a financial institution and provide credit, leasing, money transfer and electronic money services. Financial leasing and lending licenses were obtained in October 2017, while additional licenses are planned to be obtained in 2018.
Within the scope of the social education program “lifecell Universities”, the Company opened up a telecommunications laboratory for students offering technical expertise training at the Lviv National Polytechnic University (“LPNU”) in December 2017. The aim of the project is to equip the largest technical universities of Ukraine with modern telecommunication equipment, and to support the professional development of students.
At the end of 2017, lifecell signed a cooperation and sponsorship protocol with the National Sports Committee for the Disabled of Ukraine.
In November, lifecell conducted a speed test together with Ericsson to demonstrate to the public the fastest 4G connection, reaching a speed of 453.89 Mbps.
The Company is fully prepared for the launch of 4G LTE in Ukraine and expects the launch of mobile number portability in order to offer the fastest internet connection, greatest quality service and freedom of choice for the Ukrainian people.
Having joined in Turkcell Group in July 2008, BeST (Belarusian Telecommunications Network) was the first operator to offer 3G service in Belarus in November 2009. The coverage area of BeST reached 99.7% in 2017 (geographical coverage: 93.0%).
Being the third operator in the market with its
1.6 million customers, BeST started to offer 4G service through LTE infrastructure established by beCloud in August 2016. BeST has a wide ranging product portfolio consisting of various voice and data packages, and further enriches its portfolio with digital services in line with Turkcell’s strategy of providing digital services and solutions on a global scale. Within this context, BeST included BiP, Apps Club, Yandex Music and ITV digital services in its portfolio.
With a growing subscriber base and increasing device sales, BeST’s revenues grew by 13.4% in local currency, reaching BYN 111.8 million in 2017. On a TRY basis, Company revenues increased by 40.3% to TRY 210.4 million.
Lifetech, established as a 100% affiliate of BeST to serve in the area of telecommunication and infrastructure solutions, information and communication technologies, software development and security services, successfully carries out Turkcell Group projects with close to 200 employees as of 2017. Lifetech advances with the vision of also providing its services to non-group companies.

Kuzey Kıbrıs Turkcell was established in 1999 as a 100% Turkcell-owned affiliate. Having operated until 2007 as part of a revenue-sharing agreement with the Northern Cyprus Telecommunication Department, the Company signed an 18-year GSM license contract in the same year.
Kuzey Kıbrıs Turkcell, which has been offering 3G products and services since October 2008, pioneered a first in Turkcell Group, TRNC, and the world in 2016. It became the world’s first digital operator, launching its new digital brand Lifecell, which exclusively operates on the internet.
The Company is the market leader in the TRNC with an infrastructure covering 100% of the population, and has a market share of 62% according to data from the Information and Communication Technologies Authority as of the third quarter of 2017.
Lifecell Digital Ltd., established in December 2017 with a 99.99% participation of Kuzey Kıbrıs Turkcell to provide Internet Service Provider (ISP) services, also supports the vision of being an integrated digital operator.
Kuzey Kıbrıs Turkcell’s 2017 revenues grew by 16.4% and were realized as TRY 158.2 million.

Founded in Germany in 2010 as a Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO), Turkcell Europe provides services to approximately over 300 thousand customers through marketing cooperation realized with Deutsche Telekom. Operating under the Lifecell brand as of 2018, Turkcell Europe has begun to introduce its innovative digital services to its users in Germany in parallel with Turkcell’s global vision.
The Lifecell brand differentiates itself from its competitors with its special digital offers in addition to the mobile voice, mobile internet services and advantage packages offered through the T-Mobile network within the scope of the marketing agreement signed with Deutsche Telekom. Lifecell unites its customers with the rich world of digital services through BiP, acting as a bridge between countries with its messaging, audio and video call abilities; fizy, which brings customers millions of local and foreign songs, video-clips and live concerts; Dergilik enabling them to easily track magazines in Turkey and throughout the world on their mobile phones and tablets; and TV+, through which they can watch films, TV series and programs from all around the world, anywhere they choose.
Among the growth targets of the Lifecell brand beyond Germany are other countries in Europe with dense Turkish populations and a diversity of customer segments. As a global player, Lifecell is set to continue on its path in Europe by adding many more innovative products such as payment systems and travel applications to its portfolio, with the vision of bringing its services to all potential customers.

Turkcell Global Bilgi offers new generation creative solutions in customer experience by closely monitoring technological innovations in addition to its 18-year experience in customer service. Acting as the strategic business partner of its customers, Turkcell Global Bilgi aims to increase the customer satisfaction and revenues of companies by delivering customized solutions meeting the needs of over 60 companies, including Turkcell itself.
With 14 locations in Turkey and 4 locations in Ukraine, Turkcell Global Bilgi operates in 18 locations in total as of the end of 2017 and provides employment to approximately 12 thousand people with 8 thousand table capacity. With 7,300 female employees, the ratio of female employees employed by Turkcell Global Bilgi is 60%.
Turkcell Global Bilgi, which realized the first technology investment in the east of Turkey with the Erzurum Call Center, is also the first, and still the only Turkish call center to serve abroad with its Ukrainian investment. It ranks among the top 500 IT companies in Turkey.
Turkcell Global Bilgi won the first prize in the “Best Sales Campaign” and “Best Self-Service Technology” categories and the second prize in the “Best Outsourcing Business Partnership” category at the EMEA regional finals of the “2017 Top Ranking Performers” awards of “ContactCenterWorld”, the world’s largest call center industry organization.
Turkcell Global Bilgi manages communication with the end consumer from many channels such as face-to-face service, telephone, audio and video response systems (IVR and IVVR), e-mail, SMS, web chat, the next generation customer experience platform BiP and social media. It also develops tailor-made solutions for its customers through its design team, which handles customer services end-to-end to create a unique customer experience.

Global Tower was established as a 100% subsidiary of Turkcell in 2006 to provide tower and infrastructure services. Operating in four countries, Global Tower became an international player by establishing UkrTower in Ukraine in 2009 and BelTower in Belarus in 2016. It provides the infrastructure needs of telecom operators, the media, ISPs, and the energy, public and private sectors.
Global Tower recorded net revenues of TRY 212 million in 2016 and increased its revenues by 21% to TRY 257 million in 2017. In the medium-term, Global Tower targets to increase its revenues on average by 15%-20%. In 2017, EBITDA increased by 24% to TRY 139 million. Mid-term EBITDA growth target is 12%-16% on average. Consolidated tenancy ratio was 1.53x in 2017 and is expected to reach 1.80x-1.90x in mid-term.
Global Tower is Turkey’s first and Europe’s fifth largest telecommunications infrastructure company with a total site portfolio of 10,337, of which,

  • 8,288 are in Turkey
  • 1,103 are in Ukraine (Owned)
  • 831 are in Belarus (Right of use)
  • 115 are in TRNC (Right of use)
Global Tower’s main areas of activity are:
  • Leasing services
  • Build-and-sell services
  • Contract management services
  • Maintenance services
Global Tower serves its customers in the growing telecommunication sector with an end-to-end service understanding. To this end, it expands its product range with the introduction of new business lines such as satellite services. Global Tower expects the growth momentum achieved to date to continue in the upcoming period, and aims to take its long-term sustainable business plan abroad.

Turkcell Finansman A.Ş. received its operational permit from the Banking Regulation and Supervision Agency in March 2016 and started to serve in approximately 3,000 Turkcell stores throughout Turkey with Financell brand, by carrying Turkcell quality to the finance sector to provide flexible payment solutions to customers’ equipment needs through financial loans.
Turkcell Finansman A.Ş. has granted TRY 4.2 billion in loans to around 3.1 million customers and became one of the most important players in the Turkish financing sector with an asset size of more than TRY 4.6 billion by year-end of 2017.
Having started to serve in the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus as of October 2017, Financell provides financing support for the sale of technological products at Turkcell stores there.

Turkcell Ödeme ve Elektronik Para Hizmetleri A.Ş. (TÖHAŞ), the payment services company, extended the scope of its Payment Institution license obtained from the BRSA in 2016 to an Electronic Money license in 2017, and made collaborations with many new business partners and conducted projects during the year.
TÖHAŞ offers quick and easy payment services to over 2 thousand member merchants and over 5 million customers with the Paycell brand. TÖHAŞ aims to enable its customers to use their Paycell accounts more effectively with the Paycell Application, which made its way to the application markets in August.
Having obtaining its electronic money license, Paycell added Paycell Card, its prepaid card designed for its customers who don’t use credit cards and banking products, and Paycell Digital Money, which can be uploaded to Paycell accounts, among its payment solutions. In addition, bringing into use rapid payment services that will ease the lives of its customers, such as institution bill payments, fuel payments without leaving the vehicle, and Turkcell Invoice and Package uploads, Paycell aims to rapidly increase its payment services in 2018 as well.
*After the registration of the General Assembly resolution on 20.02.2017, the trade name of Turkcell Ödeme Hizmetleri A.Ş. will be referred to as Turkcell Ödeme ve Elektronik Para Hizmetleri A.Ş.
İnteltek (owned 55% by Turktell, 20% by Intralot SA, and 25% by Intralot Iberia Holding SA) conducts Head Agency, Central System Administration and Risk Management operations within the scope of sports betting games administration in Turkey.
İnteltek achieved the condition of being one of the world’s largest operators in the state-controlled betting games sector with its “iddaa” game and brand created in 2004. The added value of “iddaa” in terms of tax and public contribution to the Turkish economy exceeded TRY 4 billion in 2017.
İnteltek has been successfully operating in the same field in Azerbaijan through its 51% subsidiary “Azerinteltek” by creating “Topaz” brand.
İnteltek aims to become the largest social game provider by reproducing its success in games within the games of chance in the “games” sector. It has stepped into the gaming industry with its gaming platform developed on Turkcell BiP application, with www.playcell.com, which has games for children and teens, and with www.gamecell.com for adults.

As Turkey’s largest R&D center built at a single campus, Turkcell Technology carries out its R&D and innovation activities with over 700 R&D personnel in Küçükyalı Technology Plaza. In addition to Turkcell Group, this center runs product and service development processes under the same structure, and provides services to 15 countries with different products, services and infrastructures.
The focus areas of Turkcell Technology include; Big Data Processing, Business Intelligence Applications, Customer Relationship Management and Solutions, Network Management Solutions, Location Based Technologies, New Generation Value Added Services, SIM Technologies, Mobile Financial Systems, Music and Entertainment Services, IPTV Services, Revenue Management Competencies, Cloud Computing, Terminal Applications, Mobile Marketing Solutions, Internet of Things (IoT), Campaign Management Systems and Over-The-Top (OTT) solutions.
Turkcell Technology carries out technology and software export activities in the CIS, Middle East, Africa and European regions, and continues its sales and after-sales maintenance activities abroad with 24 products in total. RoamSelect, one of the locomotive products designed and developed by Turkcell Technology, is used in 10 countries, while SimSelect is used in 7 countries, and Campaign Management System in 5 countries.
With national and international patent applications, Turkcell Technology aims to be a pioneering technology company on a global scale. Patent application process makes a significant contribution to differentiating the services and products of Turkcell Technology, and rendering them competitive, with export potential. The Company continues to work intensively and shares this experience with universities, incubators, SMEs and other business partners to ensure that the process gains wider recognition. Since 2008, Turkcell Technology has been the leader in Turkey’s telecommunications sector with its 788 national and 79 international patent applications.
Continuing its R&D activities by taking part on the EUREKA platform within the scope of international collaborations, Turkcell Technology continues to work on new project applications in the H2020 program. With the responsibility of being on the board of ITEA3 and CELTIC+ clusters, and with the support of TÜBİTAK, Turkcell Technology is working hard to move the R&D companies in its ecosystem to international platforms. In this manner, in areas such as industry 4.0, 5G, cognitive IT and Fintech that can carry the scientific and technological development of our country one step further, research continues to explore the known state of various techniques. In this manner, ideas capable of transferring our country to a more advanced level are discovered, and their architectural designs are developed and constructed.
In line with business partnerships and the vision of a digital operator, Turkcell Technology takes part as a project partner in a number of new project applications in areas such as (Artificial Intelligence, Large Data Analysis and Analytical Applications and IoT solutions) under ITEA and CELTIC cluster programs in 2017.
Turkcell Technology has received many prestigious awards in consequence of the innovative and original technologies it has produced in 2017.
Pioneering the production of new technologies, Turkcell Technology has also conducted important research into the dissemination of technology, and produced many Academic and Technical Publications on national and international platforms in 2017.
Turkcell Technology enriched its collaborations with universities in 2017. These include joint R&D projects determined in line with strategic focus areas that generate innovative solutions to enrich customer experience; postgraduate and PhD programs organized at the Turkcell Technology campus; trainings and conferences providing technology transfer at various universities, and the Young Talent Program aimed at enabling new graduates start their career at Turkcell Teknoloji in line with their targets.

Lifecell Ventures is a 100% Turkcell subsidiary established in the Netherlands. In line with Turkcell Group’s strategic priority of enhancing its operations both in international and domestic markets, Lifecell Ventures aims to spread its digital products and services and OTT (over-the-top) services to regional and global markets.
Lifecell Ventures’ mission is to deliver digital communications, entertainment, music, TV, money transfer, e-commerce applications, and cloud solutions. It also leverages technology to provide consumers with a new digital experience around the world, and to enable telecom operators to compete effectively.
Lifecell Ventures aims to digitalize the telecommunications industry.

Turkcell Enerji Çözümleri ve Elektrik Satış Ticaret A.Ş. received an electricity supply license, valid for a period of 20 years from the Energy Market Regulatory Authority on May 11, 2017 to trade electricity energy and/or capacity. With its license, it serves both eligible individual and/or institutional customers across Turkey, leading the change in the energy sector and providing the best customer experience in the industry.
The Company, which handles energy supply activity within the framework of digital and intelligent energy solutions, carries out studies to spread the renewable energy based off-grid applications in parallel to its vision of providing its customers uninterrupted energy.

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